Between 1968 and 1976 the undisputed highlight of Top of the Pops was its nubile dance troupe Pan’s People. In the era before music videos this legendary group and their choreographer Flick Colby filled in for absent bands. In the process they became better remembered than many of the records they danced to. Now, to celebrate the […]

Join us at London’s Cinema Museum on Sunday 12 May for the launch of Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs. The centenary celebration will be lead by film historian Jonathan Rigby, who wrote the introduction to the new book. Jonathan will also be interviewing Bernard Broughton, who was Cushing’s friend and assistant for 20 years. Tickets […]

Signum’s sister company Hysterion Records is launched today. The first release is the vinyl-only 7″ EP Sounds from the Inferno, credited to fictional group John Smith and the Common Men. The a side is ‘Three Guitars Mood 2’, the song played in the first episode of Doctor Who almost 50 years ago. The b side comprises ‘The Eyelash’ […]